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Shukuba-machi (post town) Narai Day tour

Historic townscape and traditional craftsmanship are important cultural assets that have been handed down through generations for a long time.
They are essential for understanding local history and culture. Some groups of traditional buildings that create historical sceneries together with the surrounding environment and the lives of the residents are nationally
designated as an important preservation district of historic building because of their high cultural value. Local citizens and the city have collaborated with each other and made great efforts to ensure their preservation to leave them to posterity. Two rows of shops and houses,namely “Shukuba-machi (post town), Narai” and “Shikko-machi (lacquerware town), Kiso Hirasawa”, have been selected as such districts in Shiojiri City. It is rare that one municipality has multiple “important preservation districts of historic buildings” in Japan.

Shukuba-machi (post town) Narai
(Nationally-designated Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings)
At the hardest part of the Torii Mountain Pass, Narai-juku
became an extremely prosperous post town among other 11
stations in the Kiso-juku, also know as the “Narai of 1,000
buildings”. The rows of shops and houses with well-preserved
old-time ambience were nationally selected as an important
preservation district of historic buildings in May, 1978.

One of the character ist ics of houses in Narai is the raised Sarugashira. Resembling a row of monkey heads stacked on top of one another, this wooden support holds down wooden roof tiles. It became known as “monkey heads” because of its appearance.

Izutsu Winery
on our way back, we will stop by Izutsu Winery and try its international award winning local merlot and more!

Narai-juku Ice Candle festival

Over 1,000 ice candles light up the street for about 1 km.
The warm hospitality of the locals,

offering complementary pork miso soup and sake treat amongst other things,

has become the highlight of the festival.

Held only once a year,

why not come and enjoy this special Narai-juku festival?

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